Knit the Bridge

Some of the cuter members of OVHM. (Photo by Erin Markan)

When Craft Husband and I went to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival this summer, we met the kind folks of the Knit the Bridge project. Their goal is simple – cover a Pittsburgh bridge in beautiful crocheted and knitted panels. But it is quite an undertaking.  That night Craft Husband crocheted his first square ever for the project, and I made my bazillionth granny square. We were so excited to participate and decided to bring the info back to our local group, Ohio Valley Handmade.


Some of the cuter members of OVHM. (Photo by Erin Markan)

We had planned to make only one 36″ x 72″ panel, but this group of awesome local crafters made over 200 crochet and knit square for the project.  Since it was my idea, I bought all the yarn (the color choices got a serious eyeroll from my mom), and of course, I volunteered to sew all the squares together.

panel 1

Panel 1

What in the world was I thinking?  I was a real beechnut the morning the panels were due, after I realized I had been awake for 36 hours with no sleep in sight.  Craft Husband was dropping chex mix into my mouth because I couldn’t put down the project for even one minute to eat.  And our house was so. freaking. hot.

panel 2

Panel 2

But it was great to drive the (almost) finished panels to Pittsburgh and have a chat with the Knit the Bridge ladies.

knit the bridge drop-off

The ladies of Knit the Bridge (and one frantic crocheter trying to add a few more inches to her panel)

Well, once they were done, I realized it was all worth.  I’m so lucky to know such wonderful friends and makers who were willing to be part of great projects like this.

final panels

The finished panels – thrown on the lawn so we could get one picture before we rushed them to Pittsburgh

And I learned a lot of things: that seaming is the worst (OK, maybe I already knew that), that teaching husbands to crochet isn’t that hard, and that pool tables are an excellent place to layout a craft project.


Piecing pre-game at the Warsaw Bar, Glen Dale

Jenny Brown