Worst Model Ever

You may have noticed some new photos here, in my Etsy shop, on my FB page and elsewhere on the internets thanks to my friend Erin. I really can’t stress enough the importance of making a photographer friend (college kids – get thee to the school newspaper and befriend everyone! These are the folks who will be taking your pictures and writing your press releases/resumes for years to come).

Poor Erin took around 800 pictures and was awesome at picking locations and concepts.  Unfortunately, she has been saddled with a terrible model for over 10 years, and I’m not getting any better.  Don’t believe me?  Let the pics speak for themselves.

Here, the poor woman asks me to change my facial expression.


I think I’m catching on…

10-20-2013 Hi JB Peninsula Cemetry-2231-MIX

Of course, at any point where she might get shot, I dissolve into ridiculous laughter…



…or come up with the best ideas ever.


Worth it, right?


And would it kill me to stay in the frame?

10-20-2013 Hi JB Peninsula Cemetry-2117

Lucky for her, there were plenty of opportunities to exclude my face entirely.

10-20-2013 Hi JB Shadows-2702



Despite my bad behavior, Erin captured a ton of great pictures I’ll be using all around these here internets.  Thanks, E!

10-20-2013 Hi JB Aces Garage-1967

Jenny Brown