Truffula Tree Yarnbomb

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb - Expectation vs RealityAfter months of fussing over it and scoping locations, I finally put up my Lorax inspired Truffula Tree Yarnbomb at our local library.  This was the biggest yarnbomb I’ve done by myself, so of course, there were a lot of opportunities to learn lessons.

I thought I was prepared…

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb - Expectation vs Reality

After I convinced this kiddo they weren’t pillows, I bordered each piece with wire so they would have some stability and I could put each component of the Truffula Tree up with black zip ties (I took 50, just to be safe).  Since I just got a new (yard sale) bike, I thought my best plan was to put what I could in my basket and cycle over to the library. I had planned out the order in advance on my living room floor and took a picture to refer to at the fence.  I even wrote “PrOBP” on my hand so I’d get the order right, and I tied a snip of yarn to each trunk that matched the appropriate top so I could keep them in order as well.

I thought it made the most sense to do this one on a Saturday night so I could admire it Sunday before the library reopened on Monday (and potentially decided to cut it down.  around).  A little after 8:30, I started for the library.

Beware of nebby neighbors…

I parked my bike and start unpacking.  The fence was brightened by a nearby streetlight, and I was glad I didn’t need the headlamp I packed.  I quickly knelt down to put up the first trunk.  Almost instantly, stinky mud soaked through my jeans.  When I got to the second trunk, I realized that in my excitement I forgot about the identifying yarn I put on the trunks to keep things in order.  Shoot.

On the fly I reordered them and kept zipping. I was deciding on how twisty and bendy to make the trunks when I saw a figure across the street.  I could make out a middle-aged woman tapping her foot and looking toward the corner.  I don’t think it was just paranoia, but I assumed she was waiting for the cops – there was just something about the way she was standing.  I tried to work a little faster, not because I could finish before they arrived, but I hoped I would have enough up to show them it was cool (I don’t think I have a very good handle on how law enforcement works).  In my haste, the bends on the stems weren’t quite what I planned.

I occasionally kept tabs on the woman behind me, and eventually I see her walking toward me with a guy and a dog.  Of course – that wasn’t the “waiting for the police” stance, that’s the “Where the heck is my slow-poke husband?” stance (I know it well).  I immediately say “hi,” and their faces soften. They are just the friendliest folks, and I pull out the tree tops and show them my plan, and we have a nice little chat about yarnbombing and libraries and crochet in general.  I think I won them over a bit, and they were relieved that I wasn’t some crazy vandal (even though I kinda am, but whatever). I was trying to work and talk, which increased the general wonkiness.

The moment I realized I am short…

crochet bike seat -

I’m 5’6″, which is above average for a woman, but not nearly tall enough for this project.  The treetops were over my head, and after a few stretches, I realized I couldn’t pull a zip tie without a boost. I leaned my bike against the fence, climbed up on the pedals, and reached as high as I could. I thought about standing on the seat, but I imagined I would be found unconscious the next morning, surrounded by yarn and zip ties, pinned beneath my yard sale bike.  Plus I didn’t want to ruin my new crocheted cover (made of Hello Kitty t-shirt yarn).  I really had to stretch for the blue one, but I still got it to a semi-circular shape.

Is there a hardware store nearby…

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb - Expectation vs Reality

I was convinced that 50 zip ties would be plenty, but I realized quickly that it wasn’t going to cut it.  Luckily I had packed a few extra clear ones, which I really didn’t want to use, that allowed me to finish.  Honestly, I probably could have used 10-20 more ties to fix the Truffula Tree trunks, but at this point I was beat and didn’t think I could make it to Lowe’s and back.

Why you shouldn’t bike at night…

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb - Expectation vs Reality
photo by @fcollected

I stepped back to admire my work and see a text from Craft Husband, wondering if I’m still alive.  That’s when I see that it’s after 10.  I look around for any trash and hop on my bike.  I’m zipping along when I see a police car, about a block ahead, accelerating toward me.  I assumed (why?) he was coming for me, so I turned onto a side street into a winding development that I never made it through.  I kept hearing a dog bark, and I couldn’t tell if it was getting closer or farther away.  I made turn after turn but the occasional street signs said I was still on the same road.  Eventually I gave up, got a hold on my exhausted paranoia, and headed back.

Now I just had to bike through the park, which was pitch black.  Thank goodness for that headlamp! I  cannot imagine what I looked like on the bike, breathing heavy, covered in mud, with a big light on my head… but I don’t really care.  I finally made it home and got out of those stinky jeans as soon as possible.

Was it worth it?

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb - Expectation vs Reality
photo by @fcollected

Um, yeah!  It was great to see the kids interacting with the trees, and for all the trouble and mistakes, I like how they turned out.  It’s given me the confidence to start on another big project.  And it seems the library really likes them.

Jenny Brown

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    1. Thanks, Cynthia. I love your yarnbombed bike! The seat was a necessity, but Craft Husband has been trying to convince me to yarnbomb my whole thing (and use my letter patterns to write my name on it). I’ll let you know if I ever get around to it. 🙂

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