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Call it crochet art, yarnbombing, knit graffiti, whatever. This is the fun stuff.

cheesy yarnbomb

My cheesy yarnbomb

There are yarnbombers who make pretty pieces, those who make political pieces, and those that make just plain crazy pieces… but me – I like mine cheesy. The idea for this cheesy yarnbomb started with a ball of light orange yarn that wasn’t quite right for my project.  For some reason it reminded me of cheese, and I whipped two squares up… Read more →

Truffula Yarnbomb - Expectation vs Reality

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb

After months of fussing over it and scoping locations, I finally put up my Lorax inspired Truffula Tree Yarnbomb at our local library.  This was the biggest yarnbomb I’ve done by myself, so of course, there were a lot of opportunities to learn lessons. I thought I was prepared… After I convinced this kiddo they weren’t pillows, I bordered each piece with wire… Read more →

Crochet Cherry Blossoms - Hi, Jenny Brown

April Showers bring Crochet Flowers

I thought we could all use an excuse to stop and smell the crochet flowers.  These blossoms are for an upcoming collaborative installation by yarnbombers NaomiRAG and Caustic Wear (does it add to the mystery when I don’t use their real names?) They’re the two creative folks behind the crocus installation this winter. Although Erin’s just learned how to crochet, she’s been whipping… Read more →

Double Strand Crochet Tips and Tricks - Hi, Jenny Brown

Tips and Tricks for Double Strand Crochet

I’ve been working hard on a secret yarn-bomb project that involves a lot of different yarns and techniques (that will hopefully all come together in a beautifully cohesive display, right?), and one of my favorite is double strand crochet. Double strand crochet is the same as regular crochet, but you’ll be holding two strands straight in your non-dominant hand instead of… Read more →

Makers Gonna Make - HiJennyBrown.com

NJ Makers Day Yarn Bomb

Saturday was our state’s inaugural Maker Day, so of course I had to celebrate by crocheting this NJ Makers Day Yarn Bomb. Some folks thought it should have been hung closer to the playground (so visiting it would coincide with a turn on the swings), but I like it on the chain link fence (over the ugly piece of wood holding that… Read more →

A Garden in Winter Hat Donation - Hi, Jenny Brown

10 Tips to Crafting Your Own Community Project

I consider myself lucky to have the time and yarn to contribute to amazing yarn installations, charity events, and awareness campaigns across the country.  If you’re like me, you totally idolize the folks with enough organization and know-how to put these events together. But I have a secret – you can do it, too, and you don’t need a ton… Read more →

Crochet Crocus - Hi, Jenny Brown

Flower Lady

I know you don’t want to hear me talk about how cold I am.  Is it interesting at all that I’m wearing a hat and cowl inside, with the tiny electric heater blowing on my feet?  Wanna chat about my ultra-dry skin or über-frizzy hair? Were you wondering if I’ve been googling water-heated mattress pads all night? No, not at all? … Read more →

Professional Building Hearts-HiJennyBrown

2014: A Little Too Good

2015, I don’t want to give you a complex or anything, but you’re going to have a lot to live up to cause 2014 kinda killed it.  I mean, seriously: I casually talked to some famous people   No bigs, just John Hodgman & Jesse Thorn on the Judge John Hodgman Podcast and Michelle Ward during her Creative Live class… Read more →

hello yarnbomb mystery - hijennybrown.com

Hooking for Good – Giving and Getting

I’m amazed that this project is just getting started, and already I’m seeing so many great things happening.  Before I started my “Hooking for Good” season, I shared my idea in a Facebook group started by Kari Chapin.  I was so excited to get some feedback, but I was shocked when some of the artists and crafters, including Kari herself,… Read more →

crochet yarn bomb barber pole carlisle barbershop

Shave and a Yarnbomb – 2 bits

I really love Erin’s parents.  They’ve never been anything but kind to me.  They always have chocolate in the house.  They are both peace-loving barbers.  And they kindly agreed to let me deface their front yard. Actually, it was their darling daughter who arranged for me to cover their tree in crochet.  E’s family lives in Carlisle, PA, across the street from a… Read more →