Bar Cozy

crochet bar cozy -

The bar where I crochet (eh, drink while holding a hook) on Wednesday nights is now a little cozier. Annie, who runs the place, and Paige, fellow crochet lover and long-time friend of Annie’s (and short-time friend of mine) hatched an idea to cover the place in yarn. The two of them used leftover yarn to make a ton of pieces, while I got stuck on two little pieces.

One, a nice little sign with the bar’s name (using my letter and number patterns) and adding “W”s to the cozies Paige made from my Knit the Bridge leftovers.


And Two: my hamburger panel.  Remember him?


I also made one panel with orange and blue granny squares.  It’s the one that sticks out like a sore thumb!  The color scheme Annie chose was decidedly fall, but bright colors and I have a love affair that can transcend any suggestion.

While looking for a clear shot of that panel, I realized that you really needed to see this picture instead.  I feel like CH seems pretty safe here, but Annie’s barely visible hand, cupped over her mouth, seems to suggest otherwise.


Maybe she forgot he’s a professional at craft-related stretching.




Things went quickly, except for my slow seaming.  I was so slow, in fact, that a ladybug landed on me and had no plans to leave.  Can you tell that I a) put a hat on my hair while it was still wet that morning and b) am not extremely thrilled with having wildlife take up residence on my glasses?


And here it is, all cozy for the winter.  Stay warm, little Warsaw!


Jenny Brown

Crochet Social Media Buttons

crochet social media buttons -

I don’t know if other pattern designers feel this way – but I spend a lot of time making patterns and not a lot making things from them. Once the testing phase is over, they go on the shelf.

But every once in a while a perfect opportunity to use them comes up. Look to the right – great opportunity, right? Who doesn’t want custom social media buttons?

I made the letters using cotton yarn (that I had salvaged from another project) and the backgrounds from some Loops & Threads Yarn Gang yarn. As I mentioned when I made the Magic Hats, this yarn is so bright and comes in so many colors. Plus, I already have it, so bonus. (Here’s a secret – I call my yarn stash my “Local Yarn Store.” Embarrassing, right?)

I improvised the background square, but for details on how to make a square like this (with increases in each corner), watch this great video by Crochet Geek.  I sewed the letters on using a chain stitch (the embroidery kind, not the crochet kind), but any type of join would do.

Hopefully this inspires me to use my patterns more often. A header, perhaps?

Jenny Brown

Photos by Erin Markan.  Thanks, Erin!