All We Need is Love

crochet heart yarnbomb - photo by Jennifer Hastings Schunn

Don’t adjust your resolution – it’s supposed to be pixelated!

2-9-2014 Professional Building Hearts-9827
Photo courtesy of Erin Markan

Last year my local craft group, Ohio Valley Handmade, made over 100 hearts to hang on a downtown historic building as part of the “All We Need Is Love” campaign sponsored by the Ohio Valley Young Preservationist.  At that time, the building was for sale, and it’s no wonder the building sold soon after.  I mean, we are that good.

Photo courtesy of Erin Markan

This year we decided to decorate our tall, dark, and handsome friend once more.  We reused all the old hearts and also made 1 new one – It just happened to be over 4 feet tall.

2-9-2014 Professional Building Hearts-9864
Photo courtesy of Erin Markan

The pattern is from Issue 29 of Mollie Makes, my official favorite magazine.  It was easy to make, as it’s all granny squares, but the seaming was a total B.  Maybe I just hate seaming.

What made it a lot easier was A) We all worked together to make the squares ( and if you look closely, you’ll see a few knitted squares), which is always nice B) Craft Husband wove in all ends – begrudgingly, and C) I had a definite drop-dead date.

Looking good, Craft Husband (and yes, we often craft in bed)

I single-crocheted over 18 gauge wire for the border to ensure it would hang properly.  I was so worried about curled up edges.  I also tied in a few dowel rods so we could hang it with fishing line from the window.  Craft Husband said I didn’t tie my ends tight enough, but it was so insanely cold that day that I’m surprised I tied a knot at all.  It seriously took an entire day for my hands and feet to feel better.  Never let it be said that I don’t suffer for my craft.

Jennifer Hastings Schunn 2
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hastings Schunn

I also made a banner using my Uppercase Alphabet Pattern, and I think it all turned out great (if I do say so myself).

2-9-2014 Professional Building Hearts-9871
Get it – Sight? Web Site? 8-bit?  OK, maybe only I think that’s funny.

2-9-2014 Professional Building Hearts-9855
Photos courtesy of Erin Markan

I can’t say enough to thank the beautiful ladies who helped decorate our building,

Photo courtesy of Jacqui Jantzen

the owner who kindly let us inside and profusely complimented our work,

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hastings Schunn

and Craft Husband whose technical know-how made it all possible.

Jennifer Hastings Schunn
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hastings Schunn

I’m still riding the high of this great installation.  Love is definitely in the air!

Jenny Brown