Happy New Year!

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yearinreviewHello, all:

Looking back over photos from this year, I realize I was part of some pretty wonderful things: leading a group of knitters, crocheters, sewist, and embroiders who covered a downtown building with over 100 hearts of all kinds and helped sell the building; participating in the largest yarn bombing in the US; releasing a new pattern and celebrating over 500 patterns sold; and selling out of my first postcard run.

I think the best thing about this year, though, was the company I kept (and that means you).  I am so lucky to have Craft Husband, Erin (who took all the in-focus pictures above), and all my little helpers.  That’s not even mentioning the great folks who comment on this blog, kindly buy my patterns, and keep  me company while I continuously wrap yarn around that hook. Oh, and I spent a lot of time having fun and goofing off this year.  I need to do more of that.

I’m so inspired for the new year…but tomorrow is for resolving.  Today is for reveling, and I have a lot to revel in.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
Jenny Brown

Helpers 2: Now it’s personal

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My favorite helpers are back in full force to assist me in finishing my Black Friday roll-out. Their constant sweetness (and love of alternating screaming and singing) make these project too much fun.

Although my new project is still under wraps, here’s a sneak peek thanks to Babes and his in-the-way booty.

11-22-2013 Peace on Earth-6095


Mr. A also gave his input, when he wasn’t covering my house in every tiny toy known to man.  And Craft Husband says pins on the floor are dangerous.


How are those Angry Bird cheese crackers?  Never let it be said that I can’t properly feed a child…


The helpers have done their work – now we’re just waiting for things to come back from the printers.  Cross your fingers!

Jenny Brown

Top two photos by Erin Markan – thanks, Erin!

This is my idea of fun

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Today was, for me, an ordinary day. I woke up worrying about all the things I needed to get done. I looked around and saw a house not quite clean – things that needed to be put away, baseboards that needed to be dusted, curtains that hadn’t seen an iron in who knows when. I realized today was the last day of my vacation, and so, at 11:30 p.m., I would be back on the clock.
I packed up my latest crochet project and walked to E’s house.  We drove, with her 2+1 little ones, to the pool for swim lesson. And while the older two were in the pool, I accompanied the youngest (“Babes”) into the baby pool. With my jeans rolled up above my knees, we sloshed around the wading pool and giggled. After class, I plucked the second oldest from the pool, wrapped him in a towel, and cuddled him close.
When we got home, we sat on the porch, the kiddos enjoyed nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.  I grabbed a Diet Coke and pulled out my crochet project.  As I set myself up on the ledge, the eldest said “You know what? This is my idea of fun.”
Mine, too, buddy.

Wheeling Arts Fest

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West Virginia turned 150 last week.  Happy Birthday, WV!  The celebration included the Wheeling Arts Fest, where Craft Husband and I ran into our friend, Michael, and his daughter, Hazel.

I was mesmerized by this kid activity to embroider an owl.  The ladies of the National Trail Stitchers made their own kits and patiently helped kiddos learn simple embroidery skills.  I was jealous of the teachers and the kiddos alike.

Hazel teaching Michael how to embroider
Hazel teaching Michael how to embroider

Ms. Hazel even got her dad involved.  Always good to see a man with a needle in his hand.

Craft Husband bought a freshly screened commemorative West Virginia zombie birthday t-shirt from the MITCH Collective.  Because who doesn’t need more zombie paraphernalia?

Stretch proudly showing off his new zombie solider shirt.
Stretch proudly showing off his new zombie solider shirt.

Not to be outdone by his impulse buying support of local artists, I bought a great measuring tape bracelet from Iridescence.  Am I going to use it to measure spots for future yarn bombs when I don’t have a tape measure in my purse?  You betcha.

All the crafty goodness really inspired me to go home and get some serious pattern designing done.  So, of course, I went home (after a quick stop off at DQ) and fell immediately asleep.  The best-laid plans…

Jenny Brown


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I’m a lucky lady to have so many project helpers…

Alexander with beer hats
Alexander is my best and youngest stylist
Craft Husband with hat
Craft Husband – always willing to model
William's fingers with letter E
William gets his helpful fingers into the shot

(photos by my favorite helper, Erin Markan. Thanks, Erin!)

Jenny Brown