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Crochet Puppy Love - HiJennyBrown

Crochet Puppy Love

A few months ago, I was working on a yarny community project when I met Anushka.  She’s a thoughtful and smart middle-schooler who was just learning to crochet from her mom.  At first, she struggled (as we all have) to get her chain straight and her single crochets working in the same direction… but all of a sudden it clicked, and you could see she had the… Read more →

Knitting Group Egos - Hi, Jenny Brown

Knitting Group Egos

There are few things better than a good knitting group (I know I’m a crocheter, but the truth is that most of the groups I’ve been in have been knitting groups with a small crochet contingent).  It’s great to look forward to sitting around with other stitchers and doing the thing you all love (especially with my last group, which met… Read more →

hook and heart - hijennybrown

How to buy your first crochet hook

No one every told me how to buy crochet hooks, so I took the same approach I’ve perfected in the ice cream aisle – buy everything that appeals to me. I’ve bought some real duds and made some lucky discoveries, but I would have saved a lot of money and indecision if I had known what to get before I got… Read more →

Buying Your First Ball - hijennybrown.com

Buying Your First Ball of Yarn

Last week I was roaming around my local chain craft store when I overheard two ladies begging a clerk to help them figure out what and how much yarn to buy for a pattern they had brought along.  Unfortunately he didn’t know, but fortunately, I will butt into ANY conversation.  A few minutes later we were doing some quick calculations to determine what… Read more →

Professional Building Hearts-HiJennyBrown

2014: A Little Too Good

2015, I don’t want to give you a complex or anything, but you’re going to have a lot to live up to cause 2014 kinda killed it.  I mean, seriously: I casually talked to some famous people   No bigs, just John Hodgman & Jesse Thorn on the Judge John Hodgman Podcast and Michelle Ward during her Creative Live class… Read more →

Crochet Ornaments

Hooking for Good: Make Your Presents Known

It’s the time of year when all crafters start to really stress: Oh my goodness, I forgot about so-and-so, and I will totally need to make them a present because they’ll be making one for me.  Oy vey, I forgot about that nephew, who I promised a crocheted blanket back in July.  Holy guacamole, how am I ever going to… Read more →

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Hooking for Good – Poms Away!

This week’s giveaway was from an amazing artist: Heather Saulsbury of the Creatively Happy blog and podcast (please check out both!) I figured it was only fitting for my donation this week to an art project, so of course I was reminded of my promise to Christen Mattix.  She is knitting a blue yarn line to the sea from a park… Read more →

plarn up close2 - hijennybrown.com

Hooking for Good – Crochet Plastic Mat

A year ago, I went to the Wheeling fair and met the ladies of the local extension office.  They were crocheting plastic sleeping mats that they donate to the city’s winter warm-up project. The mats, along with warm clothing, hot drinks, and blankets, are distributed to people in the area who are homeless. I gave the ladies my info, and… Read more →

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Hooking for Good – Quick Crochet Cowl

Craft Hope is amazing – they have collected and distributed over 100,000  handmade items to folks in need around the world, and I love participating whenever I can.  For Project 25, they are collecting various sewn, crocheted, and knitted items for We Are Kenya, which will provide over 200 students with the necessities to thrive in school. The cut-off for… Read more →

Alexander at Knit the Bridge - hijennybrown

10 Tips to Help Kids Love Crochet

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve held something yummy in my hand and said “Just take one little bite.  Just lick it.  I KNOW you’ll like it!” only to be met with the most incredulous snarl imaginable. Sometimes I forget: you simply can’t tell kids what to like, even if you’re really, really, really, really sure they would… Read more →