Shave and a Yarnbomb – 2 bits

I really love Erin’s parents.  They’ve never been anything but kind to me.  They always have chocolate in the house.  They are both peace-loving barbers.  And they kindly agreed to let me deface their front yard.

yarn bomb - barber pole crochet yarnbomb

Actually, it was their darling daughter who arranged for me to cover their tree in crochet.  E’s family lives in Carlisle, PA, across the street from a famous car show, and attendees park in her parents’ huge yard to be close to the action.  It’s like a spur-of-the-moment party in a (hopefully) big, dry yard.  Unfortunately, although the décor is tight, it’s missing one little thing… a big ol’ barber pole.

E promised to put everything together if I crocheted it.  I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try out an idea I had – instead of charting a barber pole with stripes, why not make individual strips that could be spun around an all-white base?  Then I could make caps to cover the ends of the red & blue strips.  Seemed easy enough, and since I wasn’t sewing it on, there was no reason not to try it.

When I yarnbomb, I really don’t worry about size and rows and such…that’s why the first version of the white base was too tall and had to be frogged completely.  Luckily I had a helper to get version two started (and if you’ve read my post about helping kids learn to love crochet, you know this is all part of the process).


Anybody else ready to hashtag all their future projects #tada?

Version two was a little wobbly – good news: E didn’t care. Phew! I made a little kit for her with needles, extra yarn, and all the pieces tagged in the order each should go up. Since E doesn’t crochet, I also marked which side was the front.

yarnbomb kit

Erin has helped with a few yarnbombs, so she had no trouble getting this big ole’ thing up.

erin (Pic by Johnny Oyster – thanks Johnny!)

Of course, she did have a little help.

Babes - Carlisle Yarn bomb barber pole

My favorite part is the sparkly cap (made by double-stranding gray cotton and some sparkle crochet thread).


And we did get a few rave reviews from some young locals (E’s & her sister’s yarn-loving kids).

Carlisle Yarn bomb barber pole kids 4 Carlisle Yarn bomb barber pole kids 3 Carlisle Yarn bomb barber pole kids 2 Carlisle Yarn bomb barber pole kids 1

Hopefully this will open Erin up to some future collaborations. If you want to collaborate with us on a yarnbomb, let us know in the comments!

Jenny Brown

PS – photos by Erin Markan (unless otherwise noted).  Thanks, Erin!

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