Personalized Crochet Coffee Sleeve

One of the great things about going to Michelle Ward’s Creative Live class (besides eating my weight in vegetarian tacos) was meeting some amazing people, including Jen of Jen & Company. Hi, Jen!

Jen asked if I would make her a crochet coffee sleeve and pinned this pattern.  If you watched the class, you know she looks amazing in coral, so this one (recognize the yarn?) should go well with her outfits.

Crochet Coffee Sleeve - HiJennyBrown

That texture is just the best.

Crochet Cup Sleeve - HiJennyBrown

Of course, I couldn’t just make one.  I also made a purple one (recognize that yarn?) with her name in lilac.

Jen Crochet Coffee Sleeve - HiJennyBrown

It was so hard to pack it up – I mean, I’m a Jen…and it felt so good in my hand…and that vintage button…

Crochet Coffee Cup Sleeve - HiJennyBrown

But I packed it up anyway.  I can always make more, right?

Jen Crochet Coffee Cuff - HiJennyBrown

If you’d like to make one, just take your favorite coffee sleeve pattern and crochet up a few letters (if you’re crocheting a long name or word, use crochet thread so you can fit more characters). Pin the letters to the cuff (be sure to leave room for the button) and place it on a dummy cup.  This will ensure the cuff won’t be too tight with your sewn letters.  Then all you need to do is attach them with the running stitches and you’re done.  (If you’re worried about how the wrong side will look, you can add a piece of felt to the back.  But really, nobody is going to look).

J Coffee Cup Sleeve - HiJennyBrown

I hope Jen likes them, and I also hope we’ll have coffee in the same state again, soon.

Jenny Brown


Photos by Erin Markan of Folks Collected.  Thanks, Erin!

10 Replies to “Personalized Crochet Coffee Sleeve”

  1. JB you are so talented. You make it look easy. The coffee sleeve is a great idea and I like the colors you chose. I haven’t tried the ABC’s yet. I might need help. Carol

    1. Thank you, Carol! I need to do more behind-the-scenes pictures of me tearing it out over & over again so it doesn’t look too easy :). I’m happy to help – just let me know what you want to write and we’ll get ya going!

  2. Hi, Jenny!

    Two of my favorite Jens!! That turned out so cute! I love these coffee sleeves! I went to McDonalds the other day to grab a coffee (a rare occasion) and they didn’t have sleeves! Period! It was hot! I asked them how I was supposed to even carry it, let alone drink it. They gave me a drink carrier. Okay, Solves half the prob. Sheesh! I need a cute crochet sleeve apparently if I’m ever going there again!! I think I need to stand outside and sell them! Do you do that? Put Erin’s kids to work!! ♡ Good Post!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! That’s insane – especially after watching that Hot Coffee documentary. Maybe I should stock some in my shop for everyone’s safety! I think the kiddos would be down for it if they could have a few fries and apple slices 🙂

  3. Thank you for these gorgeous coffee sleeves! And yes, both my favorite colors AND that vintage button is so bling, I am in LOVE! You are so sweet to mention me on the blog, thanks girl!! xoxo, Jen

    1. Yeah, Jen! I’m glad you like that button. I put a couple on a hat I made for my sister (she’s a fellow bling lover), and they looked great there, too. They just don’t make buttons like that anymore! Happy to mention it and hope you enjoy them in good, caffeinated health 🙂

  4. I didnt even think to look at the backside; I was too busy loving the stitches (and discontinued coral yarn). Now, YKWYSM? A tea cup koozie for me ;).

    1. I know – I think I’m one of the few people who flips everything over (well, and folks who do embroidery). Once you start drinking from the same cup every day, your koozie will go on the list!

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