Personalized Crochet Blanket

Personalized Crochet Blanket - Hi, Jenny BrownWhen Erin asked for a ripple blanket to match the pillows she made for her living room, I was happy to oblige.  I love the colors in the pillows, and I’m always happy to crochet a ripple blanket – especially one with so much gray. (Does loving gray yarn make me weird?)

Personalized Crochet Blanket - Hi, Jenny BrownThe kiddos love curling up with it, but I felt like someone was being left out…Charlie, the dinosaur.

Personalized Crochet Blanket - Hi, Jenny Brown

Charlie is named after the baby in the old viral video “Charlie bit my finger.”  Babes loves it because it involves his two favorite things: brother-on-brother violence and evil laughing. Charlie the dino gets really aggressive when being held by an adult, and he always rushes to the nearest kiddo to nip at their fingers–but we love him anyway.  I used every bit of the big blanket leftovers to make him a cover, then personalized it with a “C” from my Uppercase Alphabet Pattern.  I pinned it to the corner, added a little backstitch, and voila!

Personalized Crochet Blanket - Hi, Jenny Brown

It was really fun to see the kids’ reactions, and I think a blanket like this would also be a sweet handmade addition to a store bought toy (can you imagine giving a doll with her own precious blanket?) If you’d like to try it on a larger scale, I think this would be great for a graduation blanket (with a 2015) or a dorm-room blanket (with 3 initials so no roommates dare borrow it).

Personalized Crochet Blanket - Hi, Jenny Brown

I know that some of you (Hi, Mom!) are wondering how the back looks with the letters added, and it’s not bad at all.  I have to admit I wasn’t taking the back into consideration at all while backstitching this guy on.  If you don’t want anything showing, you could sew the letter on with the same color as the background, which would add a really cute contrast detail.

Who would you make a personalized crochet blanket for?  Let me know in the comments or send me a message via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Jenny Brown

PS – “C” is also for “Cat.”

Personalized Crochet Blanket - Hi, Jenny Brown

PPS – Photos of the boys by Erin Markan.  Thanks, Erin!

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