Make America Gay Again Crochet Flag Pattern

Make America Gay Again Crochet Flag

Did y’all see this tweet showing a “Make America Gay Again” flag in Aspen displayed by Pence’s neighbors while he was vacationing next door?

It got me thinking that it was probably a pretty easy flag to crochet, and that maybe folks might want to make one for their own driveway/ living room/ motorcade protest/ White House visit/ etc. (Or you can pick up the original, and maybe a matching pin, at

Please note this pattern does not include exact yarn amounts and gauge – but know this flag will be perfect with any gauge using up all the rainbow scraps in your house. You can trust me because I’ve never held a political office.  


Approximately 48″ x 34″ – your finished size will depend on the chosen yarn, your tension, and whether you inexplicably dropped 7 stitches along the way because you’re as irresponsible with your stitch count as Hobby Lobby is with artifact customs declarations.


  • 4.0 mm /Size G crochet hook
  • 8.0 mm /Size L crochet hook
  • Worsted-Weight Acrylic Yarn (I used partial skeins from my stash)
    • White (Caron One Pound in Bright White pictured- it won’t take that much yarn, but it was on sale)
    • Purple A (Big Twist Value Blueberry pictured)
    • Purple B (Big Twist Value Damson Purple pictured)
    • Blue A (Big Twist Value Royal Navy pictured)
    • Blue B (Red Heart Super Saver Navy pictured)
    • Green A (Big Twist Value Emerald pictured) 
    • Green B (Big Twist Value Lime pictured)
    • Yellow A (Big Twist Premium Gold pictured)
    • Yellow B (Red Heart  Super Saver Yellow pictured)
    • Orange A (Big Twist Pumpkin pictured)
    • Orange B (Red Heart  Super Saver Pumpkin pictured)
    • Red A (Red Heart  Super Saver Cherry Red pictured)
    • Red B (Big Twist Scarlet pictured)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • This picture of Doug Jones’ son giving Pence so much side eye


  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • maga – make america gay again


Make America Gay Again Crochet Flag in the street



Use G hook and white yarn. 

Before you start the flag, make the letters to ensure they fit within your stripes.  If you have the Uppercase Alphabet Pattern, you’re ready to go.  If you don’t, you can get it for *free* from Ravelry using the coupon code “PENCEISDANGEROUS” For maga, you will need:  6 As, 1 C, 2 Es, 2 Gs, 2 Is, 1K, 2 Ms, 1 N, 1 R, and 1 Y. You can, of course, write any message, such as: “WHAT RIGHT DO TWO PEOPLE WHO NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY HAVE TO BAN TRANS PEOPLE FROM SERVICE JUST TO SPREAD THEIR HATEFUL AND DISCRIMINATORY AGENDA” or “INSTEAD OF MISINTERPRETING PASSAGES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT TO CONDEMN A GROUP OF PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY LOVE, MAYBE YOU COULD SPEND A LITTLE TIME IN THE NEW TESTAMENT LEARNING TO LOVE EVERYONE, FEED THE POOR, AND HEAL THE SICK.” *You may need to add a few rows and chains for longer messages.* When finished with letters, weave in ends and set aside.


Flag is worked using double-stranded crochet.  Hold both strands together as you chain and work stitches. 

With L hook, ch 102 using Purple A & B

Row 1: dc in 3rd chain from hook, dc in each ch across (you will have 100 dc, one for each member of our Senate – whose deadlocks are broken by that feckless VP), ch 1,  turn 

Rows 2-6: dc in each dc, ch 1 (I always ch 1, even on dc because I like the look, but ch 2 is also great.  While we still have free will, choose whichever you like),  turn

Row 7: dc in each dc , switching yarn to Blue A & B on last dc, ch 1, turn (It may appear there are 8 rows of purple instead of 7 in the picture above.  You probably think I was watching V for Vendetta instead of carefully counting my rows, but you would be wrong because this photo is false news and doctored to discredit me)

*This is a great time to check if the letters fit inside the stripe.  If not, just add another row to each color.*   

Rows 8 – 13: dc in each dc, ch 1, turn 

Row 14: dc in each dc, switching yarn to Green A & B on last dc, ch 1, turn

Rows 15 – 20: dc in each dc, ch 1, turn 

Row 21: dc in each dc, switching yarn to Yellow A & B on last dc, ch 1, turn

Rows 22 – 27: dc in each dc, ch 1, turn 

Row 28: dc in each dc, switching yarn to Orange A & B on last dc, ch 1, turn

Rows 29 – 34: dc in each dc, ch 1, turn

Row 35: dc in each dc, switching yarn to Red A & B on last dc, ch 1, turn

Rows 36 – 41: dc in each dc, ch 1, turn 

Row 42: dc in each dc

Row 43: sl st across (this will make the finished edge stronger, like Michelle’s arms)  

Construction: Flip crochet flag over and pin letters to corresponding stripes.  The Uppercase Alphabet Pattern includes instructions on attaching letters (I used the backstitch method). 

Weave in ends.

You’re all done! Now hang that flag where your elected officials can see it!