Local Celebrity

My craft group, Ohio Valley Handmade, was on the news this week. I was sitting at my favorite crochet bar, making some squares for the upcoming Wheeling Lovescaping, and when I look up, there I am on the TV. Yee haw, I’m famous.


Look at Craft Husband, holding up scissors. This was before he learned to crochet.

The best part was seeing my banner from last year – not too shabby.  Thanks, year-old news!

The goal of the Wheeling “All We Need Is Love” project is to bring some attention to historic downtown buildings, and hopefully, get some interested buyers.  Last year’s project caught the eye of a local attorney, and after some nudging from a member of the Ohio Valley Young Preservationist (who organize the project), he purchased the building!  A perfect love story.  Just a reminder that a few stitches can make a difference!


Jenny Brown