La Hamburguesa

It should be known that I took 8 years of Spanish (4 in high school/4 in college) and I remember nearly nothing.  My Spanish is limited to the Pledge of Allegiance (practical application? unknown) and recognizing parts of Spanish Wikipedia entries. That’s where I found: Una hamburguesa vegetariana rodeada de aderezos: A veggie burger surrounded by toppings.  OK, I had to look up surrounded.  And toppings.  Ugh.

Speaking of which, here’s a sneak peak at a project I’m working on:


It’s for the bar where I knit and eat veggie burgers.  Yes, you can get their burgers with eggs, but I do not like eggs on anything: not on toast, on a plate, in my shopping cart, etc., etc., etc.  I was going to say more, but the very thought is grossing me out.  I did like crocheting it, though!

The pattern is from Amigurumi! Super Happy Cute Crochet.  I’ve made a few little things from this book (including another hamburger that I gave to my nephew, who likes to assemble it then throw it at the nearest person).  The egg is obviously freehand.

The deconstructed burger will be part of an upcoming cool project – stay tuned!


Jenny Brown