I left my heart…

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my little trip to San Francisco! I loved being on Creative Live, where I nervously sat in the front row for “Create Your Dream Career.”

fly over

It was such an amazing experience, and if you’re not familiar with Michelle Ward, I urge you to visit her website, watch her 3 tons of  interviews & videos, and read all the amazeballs blog posts that will help you find out what you want to do when you grow up (because some of us still don’t know). She totally changed my life.   I was also lucky enough to be surrounded by talented, intelligent women who were quick to offer advice and help. You guys are so awesome! (This photo was taken by Kate, who was a wonderfully kind producer).

Create Your Dream Career

While I was there, I was really missing Alexander and the Babes.  Luckily E sent me tons of pictures and videos that ranged from heartbreaking to earpiercing, but all were very sweet.

I know it’s not how the song goes, but I think I left my heart in New Jersey.  I mean, look at this little boy stuck to the screen, calling for me to look at him.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIsADNz8dTc?rel=0]

I don’t know if the goldfish were a bribe or what, but I would give Alexander a million crackers for such a kind compliment (luckily he can’t read yet).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym6lV88DABY?rel=0]

Somehow I was able to take some focus away from my class & homesickness to do a little yarnbombing.

hello yarnbomb front hi jenny brown

I used some extra letters from a new project I’m working on (ooooh!) made with my lowercase alphabet pattern.  I crocheted the background and sewed everything together on the plane heading to San Francisco.  I added chained loops to the back so I could lace my sign up without fussing with a needle. It worked so well, I think I’ll be using this technique again.

back of hi jenny brown yarn bomb in San Francisco

What’s that building in the background?  Why, that’s the Creative Live offices.  Inside is the kindest staff and all the s’mores & San Pellegrino a girl could dream of.

Create Your Dream Career Audience

I forced a few of my fellow students to hold up my sign before I laced it in place.  If this doesn’t tell you how insanely bright and hot those lights are, I don’t know what would. Sorry these beautiful faces are so blurry, but you can check out their perfect profile pics on their own sites: Jen of Jen and Company, Jenna of San Francisco Pic (and soon another cool site we’ll talk about soon), Jen of JenBaxter.com, and my fellow maker JenaceyStacey of by Stacey Monique.

Luckily my little sign was not alone on 17th Street – this store had yarnbombed bars:

17th Street store with yarn bomb bars - San Francisco

And I saw this fence decoration in Haight-Ashbury:

yarn fence - Haight-Ashbury

There’s even a Yarnbombing 101 class in SF this weekend (and boy am I bummed I’m not going to be there for it) taught by the extremely talented Knits for Life and The Dapper Toad.

Of course that wasn’t all the yarny fun to be had in town.  I also did some yarn shopping at ImagiKnit and some general craft perusing at Mendel’s. I want to set up a vacation home in their ribbon section.

IMG_20140911_165339(1) mendels craft store on Haight Street

I also ate with reckless abandon.  The best way to get comfortable with the idea that you will be broadcast around the world from every angle for 7 hours a day/3 days straight is to let your weight worry have the week off.  I ate delicious vegan tacos at Gracias Madre (sorry no pic, they were too good to pause), enjoyed creamy/crunchy banana pudding goodness at The Ice Cream Bar, and chased my beer with mac ‘n’ cheese at Southern Pacific Brewing.

The Ice Cream Bar Southern Pacific Brewing

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games, and I was exhausted from all the mental gymnastics I went through during the class.  After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that there are going to be some new exciting things going on here at Hi, Jenny Brown.  Same great patterns, just a few more bits of awesome.  So please join our new mailing list to get the details before anyone else.


Jenny Brown