How to buy your first crochet hook

No one every told me how to buy crochet hooks, so I took the same approach I’ve perfected in the ice cream aisle – buy everything that appeals to me. I’ve bought some real duds and made some lucky discoveries, but I would have saved a lot of money and indecision if I had known what to get before I got there. So don’t do what I did – just follow this infographic on how to buy your first crochet hook.

Click the image below to view or download a PDF that you can zoom in on and study before your trip to the craft store.  Of course, if you have any questions, just search for @hijennybrown on your favorite social media platform and drop me a line.

how to buy your first crochet hook -


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Jenny Brown

6 Replies to “How to buy your first crochet hook”

  1. I recently made an attempt at buying my first hook (and yarn as well) without any instruction at all. I probably stood in front of the display at the craft store for 20 minutes. I stumbled upon a pattern that I liked and wanted to make, but I had no idea how to do a single thing following the “chain 147” step and I knew I needed a hook (G I think), but choosing one for comfort that didn’t snag my chosen yarn never occurred to me. This chart is awesome!!! Thank you!! Now I know what to look for when I shop for my next crochet project!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Stacy! I still spend a lot of time standing in front of that display (mostly taking stock of what I already have – ha ha!) I was just reading an article today about Clover hooks – I’ve never tried them, but they have a rubber handle that a lot of folks like, but they’re less expensive than the really spendy comfort handles. I’m going to have to give one a whirl. You might want to check them out (and don’t forget to get a craft store coupon first, which is always my first step – ha ha!) If after you buy the hook you need some help with your pattern, let me know!

  2. Thanks for sharing – love this graphic. I follow your teachings but have not taken the plunge to begin. Right now I am enjoying things on the side of a crochet admirer, but this might push me over into a doer.

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