Hooking for Good – This project has gone to the dogs

I wonder if you’re thinking to yourself right now “Hey, Jenny Brown! You said we would have a blanket tutorial Friday!  Where is it? It’s already Saturday!”

Hey, friend – I’m sorry. I totally expected to have it done, but I should have known better.  I frogged it completely Tuesday due to some tension issues and started from scratch.  On Wednesday, I was nothing short of confident.  Thursday, not so much.  At 1 a.m Friday, I posted this photo on Instagram…

crochet blanket - hijennybrown

By 4 a.m., it was all over.  I got through the last ball of yarn and laid it out flat. (sorry there’s no picture – I just can’t even). It wasn’t as wide as I had hoped, a problem I realized was due to some skipped stitches at the first color change.  Fun fact – that also caused the first wide stripe to ripple madly like ribbon candy.  The color changes were also a little more dramatic than I expected, so my original idea of using scraps of white/off-white/pink/fuchsia/red/orange/yellow was a little less awesome than I had anticipated.  Yeah!  All that hard work and late nights, and I was going to have to frog this blanket also.

Defeated and in need of a little cheer, I went to New York City last night.  I saw info about a knit/crochet meet-up at a Manhattan bar, and I thought that would be just the thing to pull me out of my self-pity party.  And it would have been, if anyone had been there.

Walking back to Penn Station through the frozen night, I passed folks bragging about their salary being “on point” and others trying to stay warm under thick piles of felt blankets. I had one of those precious holiday-movie moments: crying into my burrito outside the Empire State Building (was that “Sleepless in Seattle” or “Die Hard”?) I’m going to start next week with a renewed attitude and a better focus on what’s important – promise.

Oh, and Erin thought of the perfect home for my not-quite-perfect blanket: our local animal shelter. She reminded me that dogs are slightly less judgmental than humans about these sorts of things (although cats are much worse). She has a bag of food her cat has refused to consume, so we’re donating that as well.

If you’d like to donate to your local animal shelter, here are some tips:

  • Make a blanket: Snuggles Project and Comfort for Critters collects knit, crochet, and sewn blankets for animal shelters, and their sites include patterns for making your own blanket.
  • Have items shipped directly: Many shelters accept donations of food, litter, and cleaning supplies, but you might not have the time to drive your donations there.  Amazon Pantry has an entire section of pet supplies, which allows you to pick out items and have them shipped directly to the shelter.  I got this idea from Erin, who used Pantry to send coffee, tea, and sugar to the Wheeling Freeze Shelter (which provides a warm place for folks to stay during the coldest time of year).
  •  Share your time: This Humane Society article outlines the benefits of volunteering at your local shelter and ends with  how to find the best volunteer opportunity for you.

Jenny Brown

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3 Replies to “Hooking for Good – This project has gone to the dogs”

  1. Hi Jenny Brown,
    First, I LOVE the idea that you took the blanket to animal shelter. What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do 🙂 Second, you are soooo hard on yourself. I want to give you a big hug and say that even your most imperfect blanket is still fabulous! I think slightly imperfect things are more interesting and endearing. Yay, for slightly messed up blankets. You can quote me on that 😉 xoxo, Jen

    1. Thanks, Jen! Erin has some great ideas, and this one was perfect. Ha ha – I am sometimes too hard on myself, but ’tis the season! But I really struggle with donating something that I wouldn’t be happy to give as a gift (unless, of course, it’s for a puppy!)

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