Hooking for Good – Giving and Getting

I’m amazed that this project is just getting started, and already I’m seeing so many great things happening.  Before I started my “Hooking for Good” season, I shared my idea in a Facebook group started by Kari Chapin.  I was so excited to get some feedback, but I was shocked when some of the artists and crafters, including Kari herself, offered to donate items to my weekly giveaways.  You can’t believe how much that warmed my heart (although it’s still two sizes too small).

Artist Heather Saulsbury also mentioned the project on her new podcast, Creatively Happy, where she shares the mic with her mom to discuss animals, photography, art, family, and other awesomeness.  Please give it a listen, at least for the opportunity to pretend you and your mom could have a civil, informative conversation for 20 minutes (or is that just me?)

I also wanted to say how thankful I am for everyone who shared the last nice thing they did for someone on the HiJB Facebook Page as part of this week’s giveaway- there was such a great mix of super sweet and ultra crazy good deeds going on there.  Be sure to check Facebook and Instagram next Tuesday, when I’ll be giving away a beautiful piece by jewelry artist Adri of Moon Star Adri.

But I’d have to say that the best, best, best thing that happened this week was an unexpected tag from Richelle of Red Scorpio Handmade.  While she was in San Francisco for a Creative Live taping, she snapped a picture of this old girl:

repost of redscorpios photo on hijennybrown.com

Remember her?  She’s my “hello” yarnbomb from when I was in San Francisco 2 months ago.

hello yarnbomb mystery - hijennybrown.com

OK, now here’s the weird part – how did it get there?  As you can see from the pic above, I placed it pretty low – someone must have unlaced  her and relaced her high on this sign (otherwise, how would they get it around the metal fasteners?) It’s a mystery that I’d really love an answer to, so if you have information leading to the thanking of this kind, tall do-gooder, please comment below.


One last thing that rocked this week – piles of crunchy, sweet-smelling leaves and this co-conspirator.

11-11-2014, Leaf Jumping-hijennybrown.comCan you believe we didn’t plan the matching shirts?

Jenny Brown

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