Helpers 2: Now it’s personal

My favorite helpers are back in full force to assist me in finishing my Black Friday roll-out. Their constant sweetness (and love of alternating screaming and singing) make these project too much fun.

Although my new project is still under wraps, here’s a sneak peek thanks to Babes and his in-the-way booty.

11-22-2013 Peace on Earth-6095


Mr. A also gave his input, when he wasn’t covering my house in every tiny toy known to man.  And Craft Husband says pins on the floor are dangerous.


How are those Angry Bird cheese crackers?  Never let it be said that I can’t properly feed a child…


The helpers have done their work – now we’re just waiting for things to come back from the printers.  Cross your fingers!

Jenny Brown

Top two photos by Erin Markan – thanks, Erin!