Happy Halloween – Minecraft Trunk or Treat

Mr. A is, in his own words, “obsessed with Minecraft.”  Me, not so much – why pretend to make something when we can make it for real?  Wait, now that’s an idea…  10-30-2014, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car167-MOTION

We planned our little scheme for A’s school Trunk or Treat.  Luckily our combined craft stash is pretty stocked, so all we bought were red tablecloths & duct tape (to make the pixelated lava flow) and balloons for the Creepers, Endermen, and Pigs (just add tape & a little paint marker).

10-30-2014, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car100Erin (who took all these cute pics) made the kids’ hats using Crafty Gemini’s Fleece Hat pattern (with “pixel” appliques) and shirts (painters tape and a little fabric paint).  10-30-2014, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car200-MOTIONShe even put pixels on Steve’s pants and shoes, which I kind of want to do to my everyday clothes.

Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car - HiJennyBrown PigTail

I crocheted over wire to make the pig tail.

10-30-2014, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car76

Craft Husband made the chest (our treat box) and diamond/emerald pick axe (there was some debate among the trick-or-treaters), which was the hit of the night.

hi jenny brown -Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car71

What kid doesn’t want a handmade weapon?

10-30-2014, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car52-MOTION

I made the adult “costumes” (at this point in my life, I don’t want a costume more complicated than a sign).  Erin was TNT & I was a health heart. Just a little posterboard, paint marker, electrical tape and yarn scraps.

10-30-2014, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car - hijennybrown.com

Do you see a resemblance between my costume and something else that makes a constant appearance on this blog?  I can say this is the first time I’ve ever dressed up as a crochet project (but probably not the last).

whoworeitbetter - hijennybrown

We had HUNDREDS of happy kiddos come to our car, and we loved hearing their excitement and seeing their cute costumes.  There was a prize for the best car, but we didn’t win.  Please excuse me while I lie in my bed all day, mourn our loss, and eat all the leftover butterfingers.      hi jenny brown, Trunk or Treat, Minecraft Car218

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a safe and sugary night!

Jenny Brown

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