Handmade Shopping Addiction

Having an Etsy shop is mostly wonderful — unless, of course, you ever go to the Etsy site.  There you are, just checking your stats and all of a sudden…oooh, what’s that?  Wooden lockets?  And a few hours later you have a cart full of goodness and an empty paypal account.

During my last binge I scored this beauty:


Fuse is a zine all about yarnbombing, and it is deluxe.  They had me at that throwback $2 price tag, but there is plenty inside to love.  Oh, and that sewn spine – love it.


And while I was at it, I figured I needed to buy some roll-on perfume from Wicked Soaps.  Who doesn’t want to get all nostalgic and smell like vanilla (technically “Vanilla Noir”) while possibly singing Debbie Gibson’s greatest hits.


But I wasn’t completely selfish – I did buy my sister the best present ever.  You know, she’s like the wind.


Just when you thought the world didn’t have enough Dirty Dancing references!  Oh, and while I was buying from the Carbon Crusader, I figured I better get a few pencils for myself.


I use them to track my Etsy sales and expenses – oh no!  I’ve come full circle.

Jenny Brown

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  1. I don’t even want to talk about all of the things I’ve found on Etsy. No wait, I’ll talk about the things…just not the amount of monies I’ve dropped on them. 🙂

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