Guerilla Crafting

One of the best things about my apartment with Craft Husband is that I know we have almost anything we need to complete any last-minute craft project. We have at least 5 different types of glue, tape in a variety of patterns and widths, and a collection of Exacto blades that would make Edward Scissorhands jealous.

Sometimes we forget that not everyone shares our level of craft supply addiction preparedness … and so, this weekend we threw off our craft room privilege and enjoyed some outdoor crafting with a few odd bits we gathered from a whirlwind trip to the grocery and craft stores to find supplies resembling those from this tutorial by Ellen of the Long Thread.  Our mission: to make necklaces for my nephew Liam’s preschool birthday party.


Best craft room ever.

Unfortunately, neither of our stops sold sandpaper, so we thought maybe this steel wool-like scrubber would help us ruff up our super smooth bales.


Of course, this did not work, and we resorted to more Neanderthal means.


Yeah, rock! (Boo, severely chipped nailpolish) Then we arranged all our pieces on this super fancy work surface (this post sponsored by the Ive Arden Italian Restaurant.  When you’re here, you’re crafting).


And then I tried to open the glue – we used Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue because it had the shortest drying time among the adhesives we thought might hold.  Not pictured: glueing 3 of my fingers to each other and then to the glue tube.  Yeah! While I ran my fingers under hot water to soften the claw, CH spread glue into each nub and onto each bale.  Then I added the lego and finger clamped it until the glue set.

IMG_20140413_141019[1] IMG_20140413_142146[1]

Success in Suburbia!


And they looked super cute on the model!


And best of all, I know my sister will have a little glue at her house next time we need it.

Jenny Brown