Flower Lady

I know you don’t want to hear me talk about how cold I am.  Is it interesting at all that I’m wearing a hat and cowl inside, with the tiny electric heater blowing on my feet?  Wanna chat about my ultra-dry skin or über-frizzy hair? Were you wondering if I’ve been googling water-heated mattress pads all night? No, not at all?  Then let’s just skip to the part where I’m so hungry for spring that I’m crocheting nothing but flowers until NJ thaws out.

Crochet Crocus for NaomiRAG by Hi Jenny Brown

My first flower foray came from this instagram post by amazing yarn artist @NaomiRAG. Have you seen her amazing crochet yarnbombing before?

Do I want to contribute?  Uh, yeah! A quick email later, I had the pattern in hand and was working up some crocuses (crocqui?).  Erin had a whole vision for flower pictures: I got out the double-stick tape, and she started drawing stems on her repurposed whiteboard-turned-chalkboard.  (True fact: I have been voted “Least Likely to Keep a Plant Alive” and I didn’t know crocuses grew on stems.  She started talking about how they were the first flower of spring, and I suddenly realized she had a better handle on this project than I ever did. Oh, Erin, why you always got to be better and smarter?)

Mr. A adding leaves to crochet crocuses - Hi Jenny Brown

Mr. A (who is an excellent graffiti student), was really keen on drawing some leaves.

Mr. A adding sky to crochet crocuses - Hi Jenny Brown

He and his mom did a little additional decorating as well, and I really love how the pictures turned out.

Crochet Crocus on chalkboard - Hi Jenny Brown

My goodness, it was hard to take these down and ship them out…

Crochet Crocus - Hi, Jenny BrownBut, on to the next project.
Crochet Daisy - Hi, Jenny Brown

The folks behind Knit the Bridge have a new project – Pop des Fleurs. This flower-based installation in 2016 will feature tons of handmade flowers, but they are in need of various flower types for a test installation next month.  I made some of the plastic bag flowers they suggested (I just subbed crochet for knitting), but I was not feeling the plarn this week.

Crochet Daisy - Hi, Jenny BrownSo I moved on to some bulky acrylic flowers based on this pattern by Saria with some leftover Lion Brand Hometown.  I was digging the big bright flowers so much that I kinda wanted to leave them on that (cold, cold, cold) fence so I could visit them every once in a while.

Crochet Daisy - Hi, Jenny Brown

(The stems here are sad, dead vines from summer.  Oh winter, you’re the meanest).

Crochet Daisy - Hi, Jenny Brown

If you know of any other yarnbombing or crochet/knit installation projects, or you’ve participated in one yourself, please let me know about it in the comments.  I need a few more things to keep my hands busy to keep them from freezing solid.

Jenny Brown

photo kiddo - hijennybrown

PS – I gave the boys my camera while their mom was taking pictures, and I sent a little behind-the-scenes peek at the cuteness to the folks on my weekly email list.  Want to learn more about HiJB and hear about new patterns and products before anyone else?  Well then sign up, friendo!

PPS – Today is my mom’s birthday!   Happy Birthday, Mom!