Etsy Craft Party 2014

One of the many benefits of moving to New Jersey (beyond the pizza, ice cream, and bagels) is the proximity to Brooklyn.  Of course, you can’t go up there for any old reason.  It has to be something super cool…like the 2014 Etsy Craft Party.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5560-SMILE

Thank goodness for Erin, who took the pics (THANK YOU!), and her husband, who drove us all to the event Friday night (and let us pose with their cute kiddos).


If you’re an Etsy nerd like I am, it’s a little crazy to see all the folks you’ve seen on Etsy townhalls, instructional videos, and blog posts just bopping around like it’s no bigs.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5549

It’s also a little ridiculous to look at table after table of folks off the street and think – these are my people!  There’s just no way of getting that experience outside a big ol’ city.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5514

Since photos were the theme of this year’s party, each of the attendees were given a packet including a vintage photo, embroidery floss, a needle, a piece of foam core, and instructions to enhance our pics with embroidery.  I had never done this before, and it was so fun!   If you’re also new to this technique, you place the photo face-up on the foam core, then use the needle to puncture holes in the photo.  The key is to be sure your holes are far enough apart that the photo won’t tear when stitched.  Then, you just go crazy stitching up a storm.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5536-ERASER

So easy, a kid can do it.  (A kid who really wanted to wear my lego necklace.  He knows wearing DIY to a DIY party is the epitome of coolness.)

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5531

Even a little guy who is a wee bit aggressive with his stitching technique.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5534

But look how neat his back is!

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5519

Of course, Craft husband got in the act.  He put laced shoes on his photo (who knew he had such an advanced technique?)

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5524

I was really digging the lady in my pic.  I feel I, too, would have fallen into the trap of matching my turtleneck to my short-sleeved sweater back in the day.

The highlight of the event for the kids was the Coolhaus ice cream truck.  Yes, I think a double-decker ice cream sandwich is the highlight of any event…

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5575

…for a few minutes anyway.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5581

A certain sneaky someone even got a big, delicious bite of cookie.

6-6-2014 Etsy Craft Party-5596

Thanks, Etsy, for a super fun party!

Jenny Brown


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    1. Thanks, mama! I tore my finished one just a bit in the car, so I’ll unveil her as soon as I can get some glue out of my storage unit.
      I am working on another secret embroidery project, but for now, no spoilers.

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