Crochet Social Media Buttons

I don’t know if other pattern designers feel this way – but I spend a lot of time making patterns and not a lot making things from them. Once the testing phase is over, they go on the shelf.

But every once in a while a perfect opportunity to use them comes up. Look to the right – great opportunity, right? Who doesn’t want custom social media buttons?

I made the letters using cotton yarn (that I had salvaged from another project) and the backgrounds from some Loops & Threads Yarn Gang yarn. As I mentioned when I made the Magic Hats, this yarn is so bright and comes in so many colors. Plus, I already have it, so bonus. (Here’s a secret – I call my yarn stash my “Local Yarn Store.” Embarrassing, right?)

I improvised the background square, but for details on how to make a square like this (with increases in each corner), watch this great video by Crochet Geek.  I sewed the letters on using a chain stitch (the embroidery kind, not the crochet kind), but any type of join would do.

Hopefully this inspires me to use my patterns more often. A header, perhaps?

Jenny Brown

Photos by Erin Markan.  Thanks, Erin!

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