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candy and sweet crochet heart garland - hijennybrown.comI’m a big fan of Twinkie Chan’s blog and patterns.  If the name doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sure you’ve seen her food-inspired crochet items featured in numerous magazines, books, and websites. She recently released a video tutorial for a conversation heart crochet garland, and I knew I had to make one.

make a personalized crochet heart garland - hijennybrown.comWhile she used cut-out felt to add a message to her crochet hearts, I thought I’d step it up a notch and use crocheted letters.  You can find Twinkie’s video tutorial here, and written pattern here.

Make a Heart Garland with Lion Brand BonBons - hijennybrown.comShe used worsted weight yarn, but I thought this project was a great opportunity to use up my stockpile of Lion Brand Bonbons for a smaller crochet heart garland.  I made a few hearts from the glitter set, but the bright, solid color acrylic yarn is a little thicker and better mimics the colors of conversation hearts. I used a “D” hook to crochet the hearts.

personalize a crochet heart garland -

You can add the letters before or after adding the string for hanging (I used a “D” hook and thin, “soft” worsted yarn for the string.  You have to crochet pretty tight, but the resulting string is strong and looks great with the small hearts).

Sweet personalized crochet heart garland -

Lowercase letters fit best on these tiny hearts. I used crochet thread and a 1.65 mm (7) hook to make the letters.  Because I was using thin, vintage thread (gotta work that stash), I double-stranded, but I also tried it with #10 crochet thread and it fit perfectly.

Add crochet characters to other pieces - HiJennyBrown.comPin your letters into place and then using a yarn needle and the running stitch, fasten character to heart. Then just weave in the ends. For this worsted weight heart, you can use anything from crochet thread to a sport weight or DK weight yarn (here, I used leftover Bonbons yarn on a cotton-acrylic worsted weight heart).  If you’re worried about the back, you can always crochet a second heart and join together, wrong sides facing.

sweet heart crochet garland -

And there you go – a very sweet Valentine’s Day decoration!

Jenny Brown

PS – OK, one more sweetheart for you:


Sweet Heart - photo by Erin Markan on
Photos by Erin Markan – Thanks, Erin!

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    I love your site! I have been an avid crocheter, off and on, for about 15 years. I started out when I worked in a call centre and used to spend 8 hours a day helping people recover from identity theft…it was something to do with my hands while I talked all day long and it kept me sane when the calls got rough.

    I’ve made blankets for my kids, reusable make-up remover pads, dishcloths and a few cutesy things, but THIS GARLAND! It is adorable.

    I am also losing it over your social media icons. Your branding is killing me with cuteness.



    1. Kris, you are too sweet! Thank you for all your kind compliments. I used to work in a proofreading call-center, and yes, crochet is the only way to stay sane. (Mine was overnight with lawyers calling at all hours – my goodness, it was terrible).
      The garland is really easy to make following Twinkie’s pattern, and you should totally give it a go.
      Thanks for complimenting the icons – I love them a little too much (and it’s so nice coming from the queen of awesome branding!)

  2. This is too cute, Jenny, I love it! I was just sitting down to a cup of coffee and decided I needed a dose of cute.

    I went to your Facebook page first, and had a bit of a scare and than ran over here to make sure all was well in Jennyland!

    You made everything all right. ♡ Super sweet bunting and that kid is adorable! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Glad you got your dose of cute (especially the Babes, who you’re right, is the cutest!)

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