Crochet Coat Hanger

crochet coat hanger

Want to send an obtuse legislator a coat hanger to protest the latest round of ignorant, dangerous, and unjust abortion laws sweeping our nation, but know it won’t make it through the metal detector? Crochet one instead!

crochet coat hanger - chain


Crochet Coat Hanger


   Ch 40

   Row 1 – starting in 2nd ch from hook: 2 sc, sc2tog 4 times, sc inc 2 times, 5 sc, sc3tog, 10 sc, sc3tog, 6 sc

Fasten off

Attach last arm (using tail) to base in the back of the 10th and 11th stitches (from beginning) of round one

crochet coat hanger - sew

Block or flatten between two books while we’re still allowed to have them!