Coming Clean (and Heading West)

It’s time to come clean – I’ve been keeping a few secrets from y’all.

1. Buttons!  I stitched up a few little “Hi”s (using the Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Pattern, of course), and ordered some 1″ inch pin-on buttons from Beth of All Trades.  Beth was wonderful to work with, and the buttons are so cute (in my humble opinion).

Hi Jenny Brown Buttons

2.  I’m going to San Francisco this week! I am beyond excited to take my first trip to California.  I haven’t been able to stop humming Led Zepplinthe Mamas & the Papas, and Scott McKenzie for weeks.  I’ll be part of the audience for Michelle Ward’s Creative Live Class “Create Your Dream Career.” Michelle is really fun and creative, so I’m totally looking forward to being a part of this class.  I’m also totally freaking scared to be on a live broadcast and talk about my career – but shoot – being afraid is a good indication you’re doing the right thing.  At least that’s what my 5 year old and 2 year old spiritual advisors taught me.  Oh, and as you probably already know, Creative Live classes are free to watch live, so there’s nothing holding you back from enjoying this class with me, right?

3. My first two points are related!  If you would like a “Hi” pin, they’re easy to come by! I’ll mail a pin to everyone who buys the 3 Pattern Multipack while I’m in California (September 11-13). So feel free to grab one up before they’re all gone.

Hi Jenny Brown Buttons

Wish me luck in San Francisco, and feel free to drop into the chat room and tell the moderators how beautiful I am or how intelligent I seem or…OK, just say “hi.”

Jenny Brown

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