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Yo, VIP – Let’s Hook It

I am always amazed at the beautiful hats, blankets, and banners y’all make with my patterns.  It is some seriously cute stuff, and I am so wowed by each of you! But say you’re addicted to putting your crochet outside…  Will they work for that too? YEP! Oh, and by the way: If you weren’t a child of the 90s, or you… Read more →

Wool you be mine crochet -

Wool you be mine?

Oh my goodness, friendos: where has this month gone?  I mean, I know I’ve spent a lot of time holed up with nothing but a crochet hook and a bag of Willy Wonka Heartbreakers, but I didn’t realize so much time had passed. Maybe, like me, you’ve been in a bit of a vortex.  Maybe you forgot Valentine’s day is… Read more →

Personalized Crochet Ornament -

Let’s Make Some Ornaments!

Are you in that pre-Christmas crazytown where you realize you will never get everything that needs to be done in the way you want it to be done before the shipping cut-off/ boarding last call / in-law visit / Christmas morning? Take a deep breath.  It’s going to be OK.  And if it’s not, there will be candy. Maybe what… Read more →

Hi, Jenny Brown reject photos

Worst Model Ever

You may have noticed some new photos here, in my Etsy shop, on my FB page and elsewhere on the internets thanks to my friend Erin. I really can’t stress enough the importance of making a photographer friend (college kids – get thee to the school newspaper and befriend everyone! These are the folks who will be taking your pictures and… Read more →

crochet bar cozy -

Bar Cozy

The bar where I crochet (eh, drink while holding a hook) on Wednesday nights is now a little cozier. Annie, who runs the place, and Paige, fellow crochet lover and long-time friend of Annie’s (and short-time friend of mine) hatched an idea to cover the place in yarn. The two of them used leftover yarn to make a ton of… Read more →

crochet social media buttons -

Crochet Social Media Buttons

I don’t know if other pattern designers feel this way – but I spend a lot of time making patterns and not a lot making things from them. Once the testing phase is over, they go on the shelf. But every once in a while a perfect opportunity to use them comes up. Look to the right – great opportunity,… Read more →