Truffula Yarnbomb - Expectation vs Reality

Truffula Tree Yarnbomb

After months of fussing over it and scoping locations, I finally put up my Lorax inspired Truffula Tree Yarnbomb at our local library.  This was the biggest yarnbomb I’ve done by myself, so of course, there were a lot of opportunities to learn lessons. I thought I was prepared… After I convinced this kiddo they weren’t pillows, I bordered each piece with wire… Read more →

Personalized Ripple Blanket - Hi, Jenny Brown

Personalized Crochet Blanket

When Erin asked for a ripple blanket to match the pillows she made for her living room, I was happy to oblige.  I love the colors in the pillows, and I’m always happy to crochet a ripple blanket – especially one with so much gray. (Does loving gray yarn make me weird?) The kiddos love curling up with it, but… Read more →

Crochet Cherry Blossoms - Hi, Jenny Brown

April Showers bring Crochet Flowers

I thought we could all use an excuse to stop and smell the crochet flowers.  These blossoms are for an upcoming collaborative installation by yarnbombers NaomiRAG and Caustic Wear (does it add to the mystery when I don’t use their real names?) They’re the two creative folks behind the crocus installation this winter. Although Erin’s just learned how to crochet, she’s been whipping… Read more →

Knitting Group Egos - Hi, Jenny Brown

Knitting Group Egos

There are few things better than a good knitting group (I know I’m a crocheter, but the truth is that most of the groups I’ve been in have been knitting groups with a small crochet contingent).  It’s great to look forward to sitting around with other stitchers and doing the thing you all love (especially with my last group, which met… Read more →

Double Strand Crochet Tips and Tricks - Hi, Jenny Brown

Tips and Tricks for Double Strand Crochet

I’ve been working hard on a secret yarn-bomb project that involves a lot of different yarns and techniques (that will hopefully all come together in a beautifully cohesive display, right?), and one of my favorite is double strand crochet. Double strand crochet is the same as regular crochet, but you’ll be holding two strands straight in your non-dominant hand instead of… Read more →

Craft Husband Crocheting - HiJennyBrown

Why You Need A Craft Husband

Last night I showed Stretch an instagram from a popular crocheter and speculated that she was now single.  “Do you think she needs a Craft Husband?” he asked. Before I could retort, our friend (who claims to read this blog – hi, Liar!) said: “What’s a Craft Husband?” What what? A Craft Husband (Wife / Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Friendo )… Read more →

fix uneven ends -

5 Common Crochet Mistakes: Fix it or Forget it?

I make the most crochet mistakes when I’m a) in a hurry or b) sick, and lucky for me, both conditions are true this week!  It inspired me to share with you 5 common crochet mistakes and tips to help you locate and fix the problem or ignore it completely. 1. I can’t get the hook in the starting chain… Read more →

Makers Gonna Make -

NJ Makers Day Yarn Bomb

Saturday was our state’s inaugural Maker Day, so of course I had to celebrate by crocheting this NJ Makers Day Yarn Bomb. Some folks thought it should have been hung closer to the playground (so visiting it would coincide with a turn on the swings), but I like it on the chain link fence (over the ugly piece of wood holding that… Read more →

J Crochet Koozie -

St. Patrick’s Day: Crochet T-shirt Yarn Koozie

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to give t-shirt yarn a try, and lucky for me, Promo Analyzer sent me a whole box of goodies… …including a t-shirt perfect for cutting up. I used this tutorial by Upcycled Stuff  to cut the shirt, and here’s where I should mention the things I did wrong.  #1. I used a shirt with… Read more →

Snowy Craft Husband - HiJennyBrown

Celebrating 1,000 Crochet Patterns Sold

It’s official – Hi, Jenny Brown has sold 1,000 Crochet Patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy.  Thank you so much to all the customers, supporters, and helpers who made this milestone possible! So how does one celebrate 1,000 patterns sold? 1. Throw snowballs at an unsuspecting Craft Husband… Luckily, the day after the 1,000th pattern was sold, the sun shone… Read more →