Crochet Coat Hanger

Want to send an obtuse legislator a coat hanger to protest the latest round of ignorant, dangerous, and unjust abortion laws sweeping our nation, but know it won’t make it through the metal detector? Crochet one instead!   Crochet Coat Hanger      Ch 40    Row 1 – starting in 2nd ch from hook: 2 sc, sc2tog 4 times,… Read more →

Make America Gay Again Crochet Flag

Make America Gay Again Crochet Flag Pattern

Did y’all see this tweet showing a “Make America Gay Again” flag in Aspen displayed by Pence’s neighbors while he was vacationing next door? Mike Pence is scheduled to leave today after an Aspen vacation during which neighbors had a message for the vice president. Highway 82 could see some congestion today for Pence’s motorcade. — Aspen Times… Read more →

cheesy yarnbomb

My cheesy yarnbomb

There are yarnbombers who make pretty pieces, those who make political pieces, and those that make just plain crazy pieces… but me – I like mine cheesy. The idea for this cheesy yarnbomb started with a ball of light orange yarn that wasn’t quite right for my project.  For some reason it reminded me of cheese, and I whipped two squares up… Read more →

Crochet Charity Hats - Hi, Jenny Brown

Charity Crochet: Baby Hats

If you’ve ever taken a small child to yoga, you’ve probably heard the sing-a-long mantra song “I am Happy.” The Babes, who has the lyrical talent of a young Weird Al Yankovic, has changed the lyrics from “I am happy / I am good” to “I am sweaty / I am good.” It really fits this time of year – even munching some kettle corn at the farmer’s… Read more →

Big Boy Crochet Banner -

“Big Boy” Crochet Banner

Lately, our once little William has been insisting that he is a grown up.  He drinks “coffee” (water in a coffee cup). He plays video games (or at least yells at the controller).  He even works from home (by doing little chores).  And although his “grown-up” life is totally full, there’s nothing he’d rather do than ride that big yellow school bus… Read more →

crochet photo prop - hijennybrown

Crochet Baby Photo Prop Banner

As you may have seen in my newsletter or instagram, my sister had twins!  Emma and Owen were a little early, but they started eating and growing and thriving right away. I mean, can you handle the cuteness? Of course, I want to crochet EVERYTHING for them, so I started with personalized Crochet Garlands.  I thought it would make the perfect… Read more →

Mandalas for Marinke - Hi, Jenny Brown

Mandalas for Marinke

I’ve always loved Wink’s blog A Creative Being – not only are the crochet projects beautiful, colorful, and modern, but the text is riddled with smiley faces, exclamation points, and enthusiastic “taddah!”s. You could feel her excitement in every post. When I heard of Wink’s passing, I was shocked and so sad for her and her family.  I’m grateful that Kathryn… Read more →

Crochet Puppy Love - HiJennyBrown

Crochet Puppy Love

A few months ago, I was working on a yarny community project when I met Anushka.  She’s a thoughtful and smart middle-schooler who was just learning to crochet from her mom.  At first, she struggled (as we all have) to get her chain straight and her single crochets working in the same direction… but all of a sudden it clicked, and you could see she had the… Read more →

how to block crochet...kinda - hi, jenny brown

How to Block Crochet… Kinda

You know that feeling when you finally finish crocheting an impossible pattern, weave in a nearly insurmountable pile of ends, and wonder…how can I make this process longer and more frustrating?  Well, then blocking is for you!  There are plenty of reasons to block crochet pieces – to help them fit better, to show off a fancy stitch pattern, or to… Read more →

Pom-Pom Pom bomb - Hi, Jenny Brown

Pom-Poms Pom Bomb

Last October, I signed up for a class with Kim Werker, Betsy Greer, and Leanne Prain in Brooklyn (where I serendipitously met internet friend Kelly of Our Secret Treehouse). Afterward I tried to make non-awkward small talk with my craft heroes, and Leanne mentioned that a great way to get kids involved in yarnbombing is to let them make pom-poms.  I… Read more →