“Big Boy” Crochet Banner

Big Boy Crochet Banner - HiJennyBrown.comLately, our once little William has been insisting that he is a grown up.  He drinks “coffee” (water in a coffee cup). He plays video games (or at least yells at the controller).  He even works from home (by doing little chores).  And although his “grown-up” life is totally full, there’s nothing he’d rather do than ride that big yellow school bus with the rest of the kiddos and go to class (but only if it’s OK for mommy to sit right beside him).

Big Boy Crochet Banner - HiJennyBrown.com

Poor little William.  All the other kids are doing “First Day of School” photo shoots, and he’s left in the dust.

Big Boy Crochet Banner - HiJennyBrown.com

So, I decided to make him a little crochet banner that celebrated him, school or not.

Big Boy Crochet Banner - HiJennyBrown.com

It’s really easy to personalize this pattern with fun colors and a cute cord.  I used a simple white cord wrapped with leftover bright blue yarn to make sure everything coordinated. (You can make your own banner with the pattern here).

Big Boy Crochet Banner - HiJennyBrown.com

William loved seeing his name in “sho-shay” (his word for “crochet”).  It’s the perfect present for the summer months, when you just can’t make your favorite kiddos cute hats and blankets and mittens.

Big Boy Crochet Banner - HiJennyBrown.com

What’s your suggestion for cute little kids who aren’t quite ready for school?  Tell me in the comments or share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Jenny Brown

PS – Photos by Erin Markan of Folks Collected – thanks, Erin!

2 Replies to ““Big Boy” Crochet Banner”

  1. So cute!
    My daughter was obsessed with growing up. She is eight now and all she talks about is going off to college, so it hasn’t really stopped! I made her lunch in a lunchbox and got her a backpack. She spent a year or so “teaching” her stuffed animal friends. So, crochet some stuffed animals – my answer to most of life’s questions:)

    1. Ha ha – I wish they would believe me when I say “being a grown-up isn’t as fun as being a kid!” Oh my goodness – teaching stuffed animals sound so very cute! I love crocheting little stuffies, too – so quick and cuddly. I’ve promised a few Mario-inspired amigurumi for Christmas, and your comment helped me realize I better get crackin’!

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