Bartender Mittens


I know that the holidays are a stressful craft time for most, but I try my very best to avoid crochet as much as possible during December and focus instead on shoving every bit of peppermint in sight into my sticky mouth.  I never abstain completely, but you have to be pretty lucky to see a crocheted or knitted bit from me under the tree.

This of course does not mean I’m not filled with craft guilt this time of year.  Right now it’s rearing it’s ugly head asking why I don’t finish some donation projects I started years ago and help folks less fortunate than myself.  Currently calling to me: a peachy blanket-to-be started by my middle school history teacher (cool, right?). A few years back, I had the bright idea to run a square drive and told each potential contributor they could make any type or color square they wanted, as long as it was from a certain type of yarn.  This, folks, is a bad idea.  I’ve been able to piece together one blanket already from the more matchy donations, but the peach square is going to require more attention.  The plan is to make a sampler of sorts, with white and peach in my least favorite yarn, Simply Soft.  Blech.

Fine, fine, guilt.  You win.  I started working on it tonight…at the local bar, while waiting for my laundry to dry.  Our burly, mohawked bartender asked if I was making him a pair of mittens.  Can you even imagine such a guy wearing peach granny square mittens?  How freaking awesome would that be?

And, do you think it would be OK to make myself such a thing?  I can’t get the thought out of my head.

Jenny Brown

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